Jim Beam American Stillhouse Distillery (#14 of 19) is the legendary home of the Noe family and their world famous spirit. The beautiful rural campus is filled with a rich history.

Heading into my last day on my Kentucky tour, I almost got reservations for Jim Beam's American Stillhouse, but two things stopped me. First, my Barton's tour was starting at 11 AM, so a 90 minute tour and tasting in Clermont would just be pushing it a bit. But also because you have to reserve online and you have to do it two days in advance, so keep that in mind. I still wanted to see it, so I decided to just drop by and take some photos of the grounds.

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kentucky jim beam american stillhouse barn

About the Jim Beam American Stillhouse


  • I've heard people say this is a pretty marketing heavy tour. I'm not sure myself. However, if it's anything like the tone of the Urban Stillhouse, that wouldn't surprise me.
  • Go have your picture taken with the Booker Noe statue and see the house he used to live in. 
  • There is a distinctive flavor with Jim Beam. I've only ever liked the product mixed with Ginger Ale and that didn't change after my tour. I had purchased at least one type of whisky from every distiller I took a tour with except Wild Turkey and Jim Beam. It wasn't until I got back home that a friend of mine and I did a tasting and he had Old Overholt Bottled in Bond which is a rye. I actually like it as a sipping rye, even over Rittenhouse Rye. So I was happy to finally get one step away from completing my collection. Now, just to find that Wild Turkey (and not the one that was roaming in Frankfort by the war memorial).  
  • On your way down from Louisville, look for the signs that point you to Jim Beam and Heaven Hill from I-65. There are 4 distilleries and Four Roses warehouse down that road to Bardstown. You'll also find Stephen Foster's "My Old Kentucky Home."

kentucky jim beam american stillhouse rocking

Further Investigation: The Kentucky Chew

Drinking bourbon like an old west cowboy is just asking for pain and no taste. I didn't know how to drink whisky properly until I was introduced to the Kentucky Chew. What is the Kentucky Chew you say? Well, it's a savoring technique that developed and named by Booker Noe of Jim Beam, now is as good a time as any to share with you the real way to enjoy your whisky as demonstrated by Booker's son Fred Noe. It's such a good method, I don't miss my ice cubes anymore!