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Top 10 Things I Learned About Scotland (Ep. 25)

This Spring I returned from my first trip to Scotland, but I almost didn't. I fell in love with a lot of things about the place and it seemed like the perfect subject for a podcast. So here are the Top 10 things I learned about Scotland that I didn't know before I went.

These are not necessarily in any order of importance:

10. People Aren't as Hard to Understand as You've Been Told

  • The Ryanair verbal freakout
  • The city with the heaviest accent
  • Gaelic vs Gaelic
  • Just walk away
  • A primer for Scotch whisky distillery pronunciations
  • Aberlour, Bruichladdich, Islay, Caol Ila, Glenfiddich, Eilean Donan
  • Throwing the fake accent on a word
  • Asheville, Greenville, Leicester

9. Glasgow as a Town for Being a Tourist

  • Street art murals galore
  • My Glasgow blog post
  • Red sandstone, Victorian architecture
  • A great downtown to walk around
  • The sketchy parts
  • A family to a single room apartment and the rough town no more

8. Haggis Can Be Very Tasty

  • It's offal, no seriously!
  • The strong armed sales pitch
  • Top end Doric-y haggis, close your eyes and enjoy
  • The mealy Scottish breakfast

7. See Scotch Whiskey Distilleries For Free

  • The Friends of the Classic Malts Journal, aka the booklet we get stamped
  • The fine print about your free tour
  • Look for Diagio

6. The Call for Scottish Independence

  • Brexit confusion
  • The English money snub
  • We're giving you the goods, why do you treat us this way?
  • Is being independent such a bad thing? Rethinking the vote.

5. Three Ways to Not See Scotland

  • Edinburgh is not all of Scotland
  • Planes, trains, and buses, oh my!
  • Having good Wi-Fi is not experiencing Scotland
  • Scottish cows are slower than trains
  • Learn to drive on the left
  • Those yellow vests can be fashionable

4. The Missing Speed Limit Sign

  • Speed camera, but how fast should I go?
  • Motorways and dual carriage ways 70 mph
  • With a caravan 60 mph
  • In a built up area 30 mph
  • Otherwise pay attention to signs
  • Speeding through the school zone
  • The missing slash
  • Whisky shaking lay by
  • The petrol that is less expensive

3. The Best Way To See Scotland's History For One Low Price

2. It's the Scenery

  • The 8th natural wonder
  • Pink sand beaches
  • Uig view

1. Listen to Find Out

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