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With a busy travel season ahead, wouldn't things be a lot easier if you had a checklist to go by, to make sure you aren't forgetting any important details before your big trip?

Tina and Keith Paul join me to discuss almost out of date passports, visas, immunizations, arranging transportation to your hotel, and more. Those things that can make your trip go from a pain in the neck to a dream.

  • The inspiration for the checklists book
  • The first thing, do I need a Visa?
  • How long in advance and where do you find the information?
  • Immunization and how layovers can trip you up
  • The importance of having travel insurance
  • Schengen Zone and the $7 fee European Travel Information Authorization System (ETIAS)
  • Global Entry fail between Canada and the United States
  • Having a 6-month cushion on your passport and blank pages
  • Having a spare copy of the passport
  • Passport in the cloud and off-line
  • Keeping an itinerary with a friend
  • The RealID and making sure you get your driver's license renewed in the US
  • Baggage subterfuge. Making sure your bag is the right size and weight
  • 50.7 pounds (23 kg)
  • Being incoginto to save some money on plane tickets
  • How to handle money for your trip
  • Not having money when you arrive
  • Ask your hotel to arrange transportation from the airport
  • Make sure your PIN numbers
  • Use Google Street Maps to visualize and see where your hotel is
  • Knowing how to prepare for tipping
  • Where it is rude to tip
  • Knowing the country customs
  • Be careful of who you photograph
  • Preparations for Internet
  • Why the SIM Card isn't always the best
  • Making sure you have a cushion of time


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