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To kick off "Whiskey Tour Week" at Travel Fuels Life, I have invited Whiskey Is My Yoga's Leslie McBride to discuss her experiences in both Scotland and the United States as she meets master distillers, gets into the culture of the whiskey industry, and develops her audiences ability to find great whiskey experiences.

With my Castles and Drams Tour of Scotland just weeks away, I thought it would be fun to find out more details about her trip to Scotland (particularly the island and scotch region of Islay) and to find out which American bourbon distilleries she has visited and some of her favorites.

Distillery Planning Tools

Planning a distillery tour in the Kentucky is very different from Scotland, so if you're planning a trip, I hope this week's episode sheds some light.  And while Leslie will tell us her favorite distillery experiences in Kentucky, I have also added my top 10 favorite Kentucky distilleries to a blog post you can check out. I also have my full 19 Kentucky and Tennessee distillery tour planner to assist picking out some great experiences as well. And make sure to check out Leslie's site at whiskeyismyyoga.com

If it's whiskey, we've got you covered this week!

Episode Guide

About Leslie and Whiskey Is My Yoga

  • How to keep the love of whiskey flowing after a tour
  • The origins of the name Whiskey Is My Yoga
  • Why is there sometimes an "e" in whisk(e)y?
  • Lagavulin begins the quest on scotch
  • Johnny Walker Red and the single malt whisky snob
  • The stereotypical whisky drinker
  • Rye whiskey and the female palate
  • How whiskey can change and the rating game
  • How Leslie chooses the distilleries she visits
  • The distillery with all the cats
  • Does a distillery tour change your opinion of the whiskey?

Scotland Distillery Tours

  • Zero tolerance and how to get around
  • How to get around Islay
  • What is the personality of an Islay scotch? American ties to Islay scotch.
  • Tasting the island you're visiting
  • My Islay experience from bad to great. Laphroiag as a savory scotch.
  • Busses and taxis
  • Getting used to the Scottish accent and the friendliness
  • To go pours for the driver
  • How to get your one foot of land in Scotland and collect your rent
  • How much whisky can you bring back? And strategy for bringing some back.
  • Why a backpack is a bad idea on a distillery tour


Kentucky Distillery Tours

  • A Travel Fuels Life exclusive
  • Leslie's favorite distilleries
  • Michters, the new distillery on Whiskey Row
  • Where to see a cooperage
  • Appealing to the princess in Leslie
  • New distilleries and the mix of vodka, un-aged whiskey, and rum
  • American single malt movement
  • Finding that thing that hooks you
  • Best all immersive distillery tours
  • Margaret Samuels master of marketing
  • The artwork at Maker's Mark
  • Bartons and the Estate Tour (warehouse collapse and the biggest barrel in the world)


Other Places for Distilleries


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