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Talking Asheville North Carolina with the host of Speaking of Travel (Ep. 20)

After spending most of my time promoting other places, I thought it would be interesting to have a discussion about the town I called home for 19 years. Once a thriving tourist destination during the time of George Vanderbilt, Asheville died away for many years and became a retirement community. Now it's back like a phoenix from the ashes.

Listen as I talk with another long time resident and host of her own podcast "Speaking of Travel," Ms. Marilyn Ball. She'll talk about how the town recovered and now thrives as Beer City USA, celebrates it's heritage, and is still growing with more festivals to come.

  • Getting a start in doing a travel podcast
  • Spending time focusing on your own backyard
  • Asheville's revival as a tourist destination
  • Using the people of Appalachia as the framework for a community
  • How a tapestry wrap saved downtown from eminent domain
  • Appalachian cuisine festival (Chow Chow Festival)
  • Visiting Asheville: Get an itinerary together and bring your walking shoes
  • Yoga with goats
  • How the River Arts District changed from manufacturing to arts
  • Where to find the locals
  • South Slope and Beer City USA
  • A case study of how Asheville's community worked
  • The hidden gems
  • A golden age of travel
  • People thriving on the fear factor travel

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