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Taking a 6 Month Bike Ride Across Europe (Ep. 8)

What's it like to take off 6 months and ride your bike across Europe? What are the challenges, pitfalls, logistics and the stories that such a journey provide? Join me this week as my guest Keith Maurer recalls just such an adventure he took a few years ago.  We'll discuss:

  • Getting the travel bug through academic cultures class in Ireland
  • Biking in Upstate New York
  • Lake Champlain breakdown lesson
  • A trial run in the Adirondacks
  • Shipping the bike
  • Schengen Area for Visa free travel
  • Getting out of Calais
  • Exploring the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • So much to do in London
  • Feeling of lost experience due to language
  • Carrying food and shelter
  • Hostels (organized and independent) and the experience
  • Hostels vs hotels
  • Football (soccer) in Northern Ireland and European football fans vs American football fans
  • How Keith handled money and took care of home needs while overseas
  • Double-edged sword of a laptop
  • Spot GPS transmitter
  • Banking logistics and always having a little cash
  • Losing a wallet in Germany
  • Washing clothes in Paris
  • No room at the inn
  • Constant hunger
  • Easiest and hardest countries to get around in on a bike

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