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Starting an Italian Villa and Enjoying Southern Italy (Ep. 19)

Join me this week as I talk with Paul Cappelli and Steven Crutchfield, two American entrepreneurs who decided to turn their Italian Villa into a business. We'll also talk about some of the quirks that Italians find interesting about Americans and vice versa. Also, we have some outtakes on our YouTube channel about delicious Italian foods you should try, issues with learning Italian, and what riled some people up about Paul and Steven's podcast.

Items We Discuss:

  • What inspired Paul and Steven to open this villa?
  • How did they make the transition?
  • How difficult was it getting the business established?
  • The art of schmoozing
  • Channeling Martha Stewart
  • Experiencing living in Italy instead of staying at a hotel
  • How to spend your time in Puglia
  • "Drop the pasta"
  • The dinner issue in Italy for Americans
  • Food allergies
  • Pointing to the mitten and the boot
  • Is driving a good way to get around? And the Italian driver YouTube videos.
  • Highway driving versus city driving
  • The worst thing about American drivers
  • Spaghetti westerns, James Bond, and Wonder Woman
  • Things Americans find quirky about Italians
  • Things Italians find quirky about Americans
  • How coffee can save you an expensive ticket
  • Italian cup holders
  • Fishy Coca-Cola
  • Getting in the mindset of espresso

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