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It took 24 episodes for me to finally push myself into a controversial subject. But it was my body, not my mind, that told me I needed to raise awareness on this issue.

The issue is the quality of our American food supply. This is an issue that I've dealt with in the past via various food intolerances, but suddenly, after a trip to Europe for 21 days, I can no longer seem to process gluten. What gives?

In this episode, I'll not only recall my story, but I'll talk about what our government is allowing us to put into our bodies, how we can use capitalism to get healthier foods, and how we should view our politicians. I don't normally like jumping into the world of politics, but this is a subject I feel needs to be addressed.

Note: The same day I released this podcast, The Guardian wrote an article on one of the ingredients I discuss: Potassium Bromate.

I will deliver opinions in this podcast. My opinions are just that, opinions. See it offered as food for thought, literally, and not a doctrine. I offer this as a bridge to a wider discussion, not a fortress of my views. We all need to expand our knowledge to help create a happy healthy future for all.

In this episode, I'll discuss the following:

  • Returning from Europe to a distressing discovery
  • Drew as a pasta hound
  • What is gluten? Is gluten-free just a marketing fad?
  • Is gluten natural or an additive?
  • Finding a rice and corn based pasta
  • My process for self-diagnosis and interest in medications
  • Making lifestyle changes
  • Is being sick a normal state for humans?
  • Getting over heartburn
  • What didn't they put HFCS into?
  • Ocular migraines and how I reduced them
  • Ever experience a 3 sneeze day?
  • The evil florescent light
  • Gluten-free as torture to the traveler
  • My first non-gluten, label reading, grocery store trip
  • Thanks Stuckey's for helping me discover my pecan intolerance
  • No more apples, strawberries, bananas, etc. What now? A fruit intolerance?
  • Montreal, the ground cherry, and the cure to my fruit intolerance?
  • American fruit brings back the intolerance and organics not 100% fool-proof
  • Lost trust in American food, especially after Food, Inc.
  • Shoot first, ask questions later government regulation
  • The plight of the Bald Eagle, our national bird, due to shoot first, ask questions later regulation
  • How did a pasta and wheat hound all of a sudden end up gluten-intolerant?
  • Maxwell Maltz' 21 days
  • Dreaming of Scotland
  • The theory of my reintroduction to American wheat and loss of tolerance
  • 5 theories to more gluten-intolerance: over-consumption, antibiotics, gluten-free fad, misdiagnosis
  • Gluten-free test is working on curing my health issues
  • A hamburger bun does me in
  • Ancient grains are great, but...
  • The FDA and what they are ignoring or being lobbied on?
  • It's great when you can make a personal choice on a chemical
  • How we over simplify things like student loans or gluten
  • Potassium bromate, the carcinogin that the FDA won't ban because of the timing of a clause, rather than it's danger.
  • 150 items a major restaurant chain says they don't trust that the government does.
  • How do you know what chemicals are in your food?
  • The organic and 100% natural lie and calcium sulfate.
  • Awareness sometimes only happens when it's in your own backyard.

Possible Solutions?

  • Wrestle back the narrative from the politicians
  • An educated electorate
  • Go beyond hashtags and sound bites
  • Start questioning why our health issues are increasing so fast
  • Get the rider directing, rather than just changing the horse
  • Politicians should be listening to us, not us to them
  • Consumers are the secret weapon of capitalism

Additional Notes:

  • I am allergic to most antibiotics I've tried (they cause intestinal problems that linger for weeks). Watching Food, Inc, you start to realize this could be from consuming chicken who pass antibiotics on to me, causing me to become immune to the benefits and harmed by the side-effects.


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