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Taking the Ultimate Baseball Road Trip (Ep. 15)

Back in 2012, my friend Pete Kirby and I took off for the Northeastern United States to see as many baseball games and stadiums as we could see in 7 days.  Join us as we recall how we first met watching a baseball game on TV at the radio station we worked at, and then discuss each of the stops we made on our 7 day journey.  And, for a bonus, we each talk about our top 5 favorite ballparks in the bonus video available on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/c/drewhannush or below in the show notes.

Here are some of the things we discuss:

  • What to do in Lawrenceville, GA
  • Where Drew and Pete Kirby met
  • Chuck Knoblock, Lonnie Smith and the fake throw
  • Bobby Cox and Charlie Leibrandt finish Drew's interest in the Braves
  • Larry Andersen gives Mitch Williams a bad name
  • 20 years of planning for an east coast baseball trip
  • The logistics to consider when planning for multi-team baseball trips
  • The two tragedies that occurred at the beginning of the trip
  • Pete's two favorite teams and the struggle
  • Which is worst? Rooting for a sucky team that wins once or one that almost always wins but never does.
  • The Washington Nationals against the friggin' Marlins!
  • Our impressions of National's Park and I complain about "red" ballparks
  • The historic areas of Washington, DC and the Smithsonian and being free
  • Philly, gotta have a cheesesteak. And is it Pat's or Geno's? The danger of botching your order.
  • Heading to Philly for photocopies!
  • Hall of Famer Roy Halladay (yes he's going in this year) and the 30 yard line at Veteran's Stadium
  • Citizens Bank Ballpark and the Philly skyline
  • The five boroughs, driving in Brooklyn, and the parking lot of chance
  • The new Yankee Stadium, impressions, hot hurling, and the view.
  • My first introduction to bizarre behavior, Al Michaels Monday Night Baseball, and cigars at the ballpark
  • The Dark Knight Rises in the strangest place.
  • Getting familiar with Woburn, the crappy Hilton, and Hotel Impossible
  • The Bull and Finch (Cheers) and things to do in Boston
  • Williamsburg in Fenway versus behind home plate and stubbornness
  • The super secret breakfast room at the Hilton
  • Black light at the Queens hotel, where is Anthony Melchiorri?
  • Pete miscalculates the length of Manhattan
  • Sorry McSorley's, we'll catch you later
  • All the cool stuff to see in New York City
  • Mets and the Marlins? What brand of hell is this? Impressions of CitiField and spell check.
  • The amazing drive down the New Jersey Turnpike to reach Camden Yard for our self-created doubleheader
  • Camden's new impression on me and Manny's surprise appearance
  • Where to next?

Bonus Video

Drew and Pete's top 5 ballparks compared.


Reasons for ranking:

  • Having a Waffle House
  • Being able to see the game from anywhere in the stadium
  • Having a city view
  • Shows respect to the history of other ballparks
  • Something memorable happened there
  • Best name to fit the state it is in
  • A stadium with personal firsts
  • Seeing a favorite player there
  • Watching Tommy Lasorda get tossed
  • People tell you to bring your own beer
  • A really cool design that grows on you
  • Extremely fun fans
  • The skyline feels built into the park
  • A great game experience
  • Taking an old ballpark and adding to it's character
  • Other great attractions in town that add to the experience
  • Tailgating before the game
  • Nice concourses and open layout
  • Iconic elements
  • Feeling like you've gone back in time
  • Your favorite team plays there
  • Attention to detail including making the entire stadium a hall of fame and team history museum
  • A historic stadium that hopefully will never go away
  • The rabid fans with those crazy accents
  • The most historic ballpark hands down

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