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Discovering the Digital Nomad Lifestyle: For Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and HR (Ep. 17)

If you're interested in being a digital nomad, or if you're an entrepreneur or a company that wonders what the benefits of having a remote work force might be, check out this week's episode. My special guest is Nishchal Dua, the founder of The Remote Work Summit, the world's largest online conference specifically devoted to remote work.

On this week's episode we'll discuss:

  • Commuting vs traveling
  • How Nishchal became a digital nomad
  • Why a home base versus being location independent
  • What type of personality is good at being a digital nomad or remote worker?
  • Which category is the biggest in terms of digital nomads: Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote corporate workers?
  • What generations are taking advantage of remote work?
  • Entrepreneurs and Freelancers getting the same tax advantages that corporations do
  • What are the advantages of the e-Residency program?
  • The digital nomad visa concept
  • Are digital nomads working illegally?
  • The work-life balance. Keeping focused. Living versus being a traveler.
  • The work-life balance. Immerse yourself in a new place to get to know it and get out of a rut.
  • How to structure your day in a new place and get past Instagram expectations.
  • Dealing with time zones and work schedules.
  • How companies and entrepreneurs trust and monitor remote worker performance
  • How to approach your employer about working remotely
  • What skills does HR look for in giving workers a chance to work remotely?
  • Being too productive at times
  • The easiest and toughest places to be a remote worker
  • Planning a destination for working remotely
  • Ko Lanta as a working destination
  • The AirBnB issue in Rio
  • The headless poker player
  • Nishchal tells about April's free online Remote Work Summit (get your pass on the website)

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