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Miles and Points 102 - Loyalty Programs and Strategies (Ep. 28b)

UPDATE: COVID-19 has played havoc with travel and this has left many of you with cards and points you haven't been able to use - and now the annual renewal fees are hitting. Thanks to Raul for turning me on to this article in MONEY magazine, talking about some of the strategies you might consider with those cards...

Now on to the episode:

On last week's podcast, we talked all about foundational miles and points strategies with credit cards. This week, we take it a step further focusing in on airlines, hotels, car rentals, and their loyalty programs. We also hear our guest Brandon Neth of FinanceBuzz.com giving strategies for double, triple, even quadruple stacking offers to get maximum benefit. Get ready to learn a ton!

  • Strategy for signing up for airline miles
  • How to earn extra points
  • How to avoid email offer overload
  • How to handle expiring points. Should you buy them?
  • Hotel loyalty programs vs co-branded credit cards and best use
  • The value of being loyal and earning status
  • What hotel status means
  • Weighing Hotels.com/Booking.com (Online Travel Agency or OTA) vs buying through loyalty program
  • What do when staying at a hostel, Bed and Breakfast, boutique
  • How do you choose which credit card to pull out when traveling
  • Finding $25,000 a year
  • The power of the sticky note
  • Buying every day items as the secret weapon
  • When I'm being loyal and getting points but rates seem higher for car rental loyalty programs, am I actually getting value? And how to make sure you do get value.
  • The advantage of Costco
  • Different ways to stack discounts and points including up to 4 times.
  • Shopping portals and gift cards
  • What ever happened to Diner's Club and where can you save on dining?
  • Dining rewards programs through airlines and hotels
  • How the economy affects points and miles
  • United Excursionist Perk and Easter Island


Next week, Scott Keyes of Scott's Cheap Flights gives us the lowdown of finding great fares. Make sure to subscribe to Travel Fuels Life on your favorite podcast app!

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