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Introduction to Travel Fuels Life and Host Drew Hannush (Ep. 2)

A slightly different way for you to get to know what Travel Fuels Life is all about. This off-beat episode turns the tables on me, the host, Drew Hannush.

In this episode, my sister Colleen will take the lead as a guest host. Not many people know me better. And her therapy background makes her the perfect person for asking questions (could have been dangerous actually, I had no idea what I was in for)!

She'll have me discussing:

  • Why she is interviewing me
  • Sibling travel from children to adulthood
  • Ray Conniff mp3's! (note: I don't really listen to them but I do still listen to Peter Nero from time to time)
  • My fast paced travel style
  • How I started out on increasing my travels starting in Las Vegas, while working my 9 to 5
  • Trying blogging and vlogging out to see what resonates on my journey to the podcast.
  • Taking 2 dimensional subjects and making them come alive into 3rd and 4th dimensions
  • Why "Travel Fuels Life?"
  • Helping people overcome fear and excuses
  • Learning from people I meet
  • The progression to the new traveler
  • Who would be my ideal guest?
  • Learning to travel smart and with structure via my dad's experience
  • A favorite, Richardson Romanesque architecture (Example 1 | Example 2)
  • Discovering the wonderful people of Quebec

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