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After meeting Paul in the first episode, we'll now tackle those important factors that go into traveling with a coolness factor, like James Bond.

In this second episode we'll cover:

  • Are you a giver or taker? And where did Paul discover the concept?
  • Bradley Cooper in Limitless follows the James Bond lifestyle
  • Daniel Craig breaks the rules in Spectre
  • For prosperity programming, how to use a money clip
  • How competing keeps you limited in your success
  • The power of a $100 bill and a Starbucks card
  • A gold sovereign or a $2 bill
  • Sammy Davis Jr and cultural decorum
  • Finding a Bond-like seat on the plane
  • Business class and the extra $30
  • How to dress when on the road.
  • Arriving at a luxury hotel and tipping
  • The valet
  • Special ways to tip at a casino
  • The casual tipping process of Bond and the thank you
  • The housekeeping tip
  • Uber and Lyft and the Bond lifestyle
  • The most Bond casinos
  • Las Vegas as an adult Disneyland
  • How Paul first realized the thrill of the James Bond lifestyle in Thailand
  • The evolution of the James Bond lifestyle
  • Skyjacked with Charleston Heston
  • The real James Bond
  • The 21 rules of the James Bond lifestyle (final 20 minutes of the interview)


21 Rules of the James Bond Lifestyle

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