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Getting Started on a Nomadic Life (Ep. 12)

Imagine selling almost everything you own, buying a plane ticket, and determining you're going to live a frugal and sustainable life as a traveling nomad. That is exactly what Ilene Valencia and Brock Bover are doing. On Christmas 2018 they started their journey by flying to Costa Rica and they've been discovering what life on the road is life, day-by-day, with only their backpacks and their own creativity.

Could you give up your current life to start one of less certainty and stability?

Join me as Ilene and Brock discuss:

  • How's the weather down there (Costa Rica)
  • Original plans versus reality
  • What they love about Costa Rica so far. Pura vida!
  • The unexpected and adapting
  • Why they decided to become nomadic
  • Single use plastics and drinking the water
  • Minimizing your carbon footprint and travel style
  • Spain as the first step to the nomadic lifestyle
  • Travel nursing and an attachment to Hawaii
  • Brock's mapping business and dealing with the realities of business
  • The fun of finding WI-FI (off-grid weekends) and tethering
  • Mistaken language identity and speak slowly
  • Fear versus confidence in being nomads
  • The guilt factor of not living the standard lifestyle
  • Any contingency plans?
  • Dealing with visa issues
  • Buying things versus getting rid of it all to travel
  • Hardest thing to sell
  • Optimizing what you carry with you
  • Chile, Easter Island and finding flights
  • The day-to-day experience of Costa Rica
  • Keeping costs down in lodging and transportation
  • Your mindset in the US versus other immersion in other cultures
  • Costa Rica howler monkeys and Hawaiian poultry
  • Where to next and how to choose
  • The reactions of friends and family and staying in touch (What's App and Marco Polo)
  • How to start a life of minimalist living as a traveling nomad
  • Reality versus what you see in Instagram photos
  • First world problems losing their sting
  • Seeing sustainability in action and helping others save the planet

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