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Flipping Your Lifestyle For More Travel Opportunities (Ep. 31)

Now that you've got optimizing your money in hand with miles and points, cheap flights, and avoiding baggage fee - lets take a look at ways to get more money to optimize.  This week I talk with lifestyle coaches Shane and Jocelyn Sams of FlippedLifestyle.com and the Flipped Lifestyle Podcast about how they moved on from their teaching jobs, where they had limited income and limited opportunities for travel, into a location independent travel-friendly lifestyle all by using the knowledge they already had.

Join us as we chat about:

  • The voice
  • Unusual, rags to riches story
  • The catalyst for change
  • Working through all the crazy ideas
  • Using the knowledge that you already have
  • Actual solutions to actual problems
  • Building something with staying power
  • Scalable and location independent
  • Building an audience and recurring revenue
  • Does the business suddenly become the same chain you had with an employer
  • Putting life ahead of business - work life balance
  • Optimizing work time while on the road
  • Kids living a travel lifestyle the parents never knew
  • Escaping the snow
  • The cost of Disney World
  • The reason for the Flipped Lifestyle podcast and website
  • The community of support and the process
  • Keeping it about family, not about riches



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