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Finding Cheap Flights with the Co-Founder of Scott's Cheap Flights (Ep. 29)

For the last two weeks, we have been learning how to use miles and points to increase our travel and reduce our cost of travel so we can do more of it. If your points are based on the real monetary cost for flights, then finding cheap airline flights is a great way to maximize your signup offers and earned miles. That is why I have invited Scott Keyes of Scott's Cheap Flights on the show. He'll tell us how he turned a flight searching hobby into some amazing trips and then a thriving business with over 1.6 million subscribers. He'll also give us some insights into how we can grab inexpensive flights and mistake fares.

Note: This is an interview. No compensation is being offered to the host for this appearance.

On this episode we'll cover:

  • Hawaii for $400, Cancun for $200 and the magic of planning the next trip during your current trip
  • Starting as a journalist with little money, trying to find deals
  • Finding tips and tricks by immersing himself
  • The best deal Scott ever got and friend's interest.
  • How to remember to tell people about deals
  • A hobby for the love of the game
  • Cheap flight hunter by night
  • Getting lucky finding a co-founder
  • The philosophy behind the $49 per year subscription price and continued freemium model
  • The amazing fast growth of the service
  • Will it ever go to a completely pay-for model?
  • What is the average savings that are expected with the service?
  • Why do they focus mostly international?
  • Strategy for how you pull the trigger on a deal, Bucket list?
  • Japan for how much???
  • How do you plan a trip with a great fare to make sure you don't get hit with extra fees that ruin the price?
  • Make sure you follow the guidelines
  • What is Scott's Grandma Principle? How many connecting flights in their deals? Quality of experience.
  • How many deals can you expect?
  • What is the strategy for choosing airports for travel on Scott's Cheap Flights?
  • Respect the Inbox
  • Extra airports to choose and the advantages
  • Do airlines have to honor mistake fares?
  • 2018's best mistake fare
  • Airlines doing right by their customers
  • The story behind the name Scott's Cheap Flights
  • Scott's choice of favorite places



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