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Talking Food, Blogging and Culinary Travel (Ep. 16)

What makes a great travel experience? Seeing amazing places or having amazing food?

This week, I chat with a food blogging and social media influencing pioneer Chef Dennis. Our conversation will focus around food quality in the U.S. and around the world, how to find great restaurant experiences, attempting foods that fit the local culture, and we'll even chat about what happens to rocket scientists when they retire.

  • How Chef Dennis got started as a social media influencer
  • Where he gets his idea for recipes
  • Like a meal, ask for the recipe
  • Open kitchen concept: Lucienne, Switzerland
  • Where the idea of being a chef came from
  • Making school food something special
  • European quality of food
  • What are they spraying American food with? The deal with GMOs.
  • Do the Irish know how to eat? Farm-to-fork.
  • Where is beer city U.S.A.?
  • Talking Guinness, porters, stouts, and sour beer.
  • Understanding flavors and your palate. Listening to food.
  • Being clean when you cook
  • Picking travels by food
  • How to choose where to eat when you travel
  • Figuring out the rating of a restaurant
  • Beyond Italy
  • Haggis, blood sausage, and herring
  • Booking breakfast in Europe
  • Where to find amazing food in the United States
  • What rocket scientists do when they retire?
  • Ordering a well-done steak in France and blue duck
  • Why gluten intolerance, etc.
  • Creating simple recipes for people
  • What chefs eat at home
  • Go get food or the UNISCO site?
  • Where are the best hot dogs?
  • Street vendors
  • Eating in a foreign culture

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