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GenX and Group Travel (Ep. 6)

How does each generation's travel style differ? We all know Millennials are much more free spirited when it comes to travel and Baby Boomers are a bit more free to travel the more that retire. This begs the question, where do those who identify with the GenX years fit in?

In this episode, I'll discuss this with Susan Decoteau-Ferrier of GenXtraveler and GenXplorations and we'll also discuss:

  • The trials of getting started on travel writing
  • Having a mentor and mastermind group
  • The GenXer's Travel Habits vs Millennial vs Baby Boomers
  • The ease of entering a travel lifestyle
  • How Susan moved into a travel lifestyle
  • First Solo trip into the Arab Spring
  • The hard way to avoid tourists
  • Being somewhere during a historic event
  • City view from the pyramids
  • Fitting group travel to someone who doesn't necessarily like being tied to a group
  • A more boutique way to group travel
  • Getting to trendy Portugal while it's still emerging
  • GenX now becoming Empty Nesters can travel off-season
  • Making friends within a group
  • Redirecting traffic in Paris away from Must-Sees
  • One day in Paris
  • What is adventure travel for Susan
  • What is the great Christmas gift? (see below)

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The gift turned out to be 7 laps in a Lamborghini in Vegas. Wow! That is awesome. Hope someone captures it on video! Enjoy speeding in Sin City!

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