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A Couple Making A Successful Travel Partnership (Ep. 5)

In the first couple of episodes, I've talked with travelers who are doing it on thier own. Today I'd like to introduce you to a couple I met at TBEX (Travel Blogger Conference) in New York that have learned how to use their individual strengths to start a great travel partnership.

In this episode, I'll talk with Sarah and Shannon Miduski of Obligatory Traveler about:

  • First trip to Panama as a couple
  • The appeal of Panama for a first travel experience
  • How the experience isn't always what you expect
  • Costa Rica, close by, affordable, coffee plantation
  • How trips are divided up and how to plan events and food
  • Hello Kitty Cafe spectacle
  • Right brain (creative) / Left brain (analytical)
  • Taco Bell "Instagram Boyfriend"
  • Brooklyn Bridge jump photo
  • Using Miles and Points
  • Spending power and defusing via too many credit cards
  • Stacking other loyalty programs and using gift cards
  • Petting a Penguin in South Africa (Two Oceans Aquarium)
  • Why a sloth?
  • Where is the best ice cream? United States and the World
  • Bushwhacking on an Uncruise
  • Juneau, Glacier Bay, Sitka, Mongoon Island?, Gut Bay
  • Calving glaciers (via YouTube)
  • National Park stamp book
  • Pot luck choice on what you'll see at Denali
  • The hair raising bus ride on the edge of a cliff
  • Life on Twitter with travelers
  • How to take longer trips while having your 9-5 job
  • Ask your employer
  • Audio Tour of Philadelphia
  • Story behind the Barnes Foundation in Philly and the Rocky Statue
  • How my phone almost ran off at the Rocky Statue (James Bond Lifestyle)
  • Being Rocky!
  • Tiny island escape
  • Where the name came from

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Thanks to the Julia and the Hampton Inn Convention Center in Philadelphia for the space to record the episode.

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