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Did you ever wonder how some people seem to be able to travel all the time?

To be honest, I didn't. Not because I wasn't curious, but because I had labeled my dream of travel as a fantasy and thought those had to be independently wealthy people. "That's not how things work in the real world," I told myself.

I took "vacations" when I could, but I stayed anchored to my typical 9-5 desk-bound lifestyle.

Yet I kept hearing more people talk about digital nomads, ex-pats, weekend warriors, etc. and I soon realized travel WAS something I could fit into my lifestyle, with a few adjustments and a paradigm shift in thinking.  

I'm still learning and I want to take you along with me for the ride, so we can stop making excuses and start living our dreams of travel. Each week, I'll have a special guest who will give us insights on how to take those small steps or maybe even some big leaps into the travel lifestyle.

 - Drew Hannush (Host of Travel Fuels Life)


Have travel experience to share? Maybe you should be a guest on the show. Take a peek at this list of potential show topics. If you want to encourage, educate or inspire our audience, or you know someone who could, leave me a message at 1-844-447-9700 or use our contact form. Your stories and experience could make the difference in someone's life!

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