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Set an intention, follow through, and be amazed at what you can do.

I love to travel. From an early age, hitting the road was all about experiencing life and learning things first-hand, unfiltered. 

But for some reason, I always found myself in occupations that anchored me to my desk.

Then I read the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss and it changed my life two ways. First, I learned to optimize things at the office so I was no longer filling hours with busy work. And second, it showed me that all of that free time I was creating could be used to do the thing I really wanted to do in life - travel! And as the video above shows, that is exactly what I did!

Traveling Is Easier With Friendly Advice, Encouragement, and Inspiration 

The amazing places I went to in the preceding video wouldn't have been possible without some helpful advice and inspiration along the way. And that is why I created Travel Fuels Life: The Podcast. No matter your circumstance, if you love travel like I do, the voices I bring onto the show can show you the way and inspire you to set your travel intention. Call it your weekly dose of encouragement. 

Let's stop waiting for tomorrow and start living today! You can do this.

 - Drew Hannush (Host of Travel Fuels Life)

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